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(A) Original Land Rover Series 1


By James Taylor. Hardback. 128 pages (over 250 colour photographs)

For many years the Series I Land-Rovers, built between 1948-58, were just old working vehicles, of little interest to anyone unless in a condition to continue earning their keep. Then came an awakening of enthusiasm that gathered momentum through the 1980s, to the point where today a good Series I is the most desirable of all Land-Rovers.

Original Land-Rover Series I is the ultimate guide to these vehicles. The intensively researched text is packed with a level of specification detail that goes far beyond any book previously published about early Land-Rovers. It contains more than 200 specially commissioned colour photographs of 25 different vehicles - including military versions and fire engines - and reveald the details that distinguish one model from another. Immense effort has gone into making this book as comprehensive as possible. Its meticulous author pinpoints many hotly debated modifications as he dissects the fascinating evolution of the Series 1. Much detective work has gone into locating the right Land-Rovers for photography, so that correct details are shown from superb vehicles that have been preserved in original condition or restored with close attention to authenticity.This book builds up an unrivalled picture of these early Land-Rovers and is invaluable to all enthusiasts, owners, restorers and buyers.

(B) Land Rover Series 1, Series 11, Series 11A & 111


By James Taylor. Hardback. 160 pages (350 illustrations)

There has rarely been a British success story like the Land Rover. Developed in a short time and on a small budget, it was launched in 1948 and having passed though many revisions is still a world leader today. The Series Land Rovers detailed in this book take us from the beginning to 1985, and the many surviving examples, supported by a comprehensive parts and restoration industry, are seeing a solid increase in values.

Here James Taylor, the premier historian of the marque, provides a detailed study of the Land Rover’s evolution through the period and the variants and special-purpose versions that were produced. Uniquely, it is the manufacturer’s own sales brochures and advertising that supply the illustrations, which number some 350 and serve not only to depict the vehicles but also to re-create the atmosphere of the times when they were made.

(C) Range Rover


By James Taylor. Hardback. 128 pages (over 240 images)

Original Range Rover is the essential companion to the original classic Range Rover model. The book's aim is to reveal, in words and pictures, the precise specification of the Range Rover throughout the 1970-1986 production period of carburettor models with either two doors or four. Although one Range Rover may look much like another to the untrained eye, a surprising number of specification changes, major and minor, occurred over the years. No stone has been left unturned during the author's exhaustive research, which has revealed plenty of new information. The completely correct specification, which the most discerning enthusiasts demand, can be elusive with Range Rovers, often because these vehicles have led hard lives. But help is at hand for all owners, restorers and dedicated enthusiasts. Drawing from factory records, parts lists and catalogues, as well as the accumulated knowledge of dedicated enthusiasts, this book provides a comprehensive survey of earlier models. Accompanying the authoritative text are 240 specially commissioned photographs of highly original vehicles, showing every permutation of Range Rover specification in remarkable detail. Besides the mainstream models, the more unusual versions illustrated include the Monteverdi four-door, the In Vogue Special Editions, plus emergency vehicles used by police, fire and ambulance services. This definitive guide is indispensable for all Range Rover owners, restorers, buyers and enthusiasts.

(D) British Military Land Rovers


By James Taylor. Hardback. 208 pages (over 350 illustrations)

The British military has always been one of the major customers for Land Rovers. In turn, Land Rover has returned the compliment, developing special models to meet its needs, such as the Half-Ton or Lightweight and the 101 One-Tonne Forward Control.

This hugely comprehensive book looks at the story of the leaf-sprung Land Rovers used by all three of Britain's armed services – the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It lists and describes the different types, setting them in their context both as products of the Rover (and later, Land Rover) companies and as military equipment designed to meet a particular need at a particular time. There are copious illustrations, many never published before, and the lists of the vehicles themselves are as exhaustive as the authors have been able to make them in the light of surviving records. British Military Land Rovers aims to cover every leaf-sprung type in use between the first deliveries in 1948 and the final ones in 1985 – by which time the core Land Rover product no longer depended on leaf springs but on a more modern coil-spring suspension design. It will be welcomed by military-vehicle and Land Rover enthusiasts alike as the most detailed book yet published about the subject.

(E) A to Z British Cars 1945 - 1980


(Complementary British post-war motoring history reference book)

By Graham Robson. Hardback. 512 pages (over 1100 photographs)

In this much-praised book, renowned motoring journalist Graham Robson provides encyclopaedic information on all the cars produced by British manufacturers between 1945 and 1980. After an introductory history of each make, there are detailed model-by-model descriptions and analyses, complete with specifications, performance data and notes on variants. There are 700 models covered in almost 500 pages, and accompanying the text, there are over 1100 archive photographs, showing the cars in their heyday, along with a number of rare and historic competition images, all helping to evoke the atmosphere of motoring in the post-war period, as well as to facilitate identification.

Whether this A to Z book is used as a reliable and comprehensive reference source, or as a mine of information to dip into, or as an absorbing way of spending the odd hour in an armchair, it is the ideal companion for anyone who has an interest in British cars, Land Rover fans or otherwise.

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