Land Rover and British Motoring History DVDs

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Four high-quality Land Rover films, plus one general British motoring history film, now available individually as DVDs, or as a video download or on a USB stick for the full set

More than 400 minutes of Land Rover history, culture, adventure, achievement and developments, plus a further 100+ minutes of general British motoring history.

Essential viewing for all serious Land Rover historians and enthusiasts

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Land Rovers Across the World (DVD)


106 minutes

An unmissable production which celebrates Land Rover history, culture, adventure and achievement across the globe. The DVD includes considerable never-seen-before archive film from the 1940s, '50s and '60s, to outstanding contemporary film of modern Land Rovers in Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Africa, Iceland and elsewhere. It includes Land Rovers of all ages from the earliest Series 1s to the latest Range Rovers. It also features Land Rovers in international motor sport from ice racing in the Arctic Circle to racing around Germany’s Nurburgring; Land Rovers succeeding in unbelievable 4-wheel drive challenges, including a mountain descent without any tracks and racing across the world's largest desert. There’s also Land Rovers undertaking hugely important humanitarian work in the wilds of Africa, exploring some of the most remote and desolate parts of China, trekking across Peru and travelling to the heart of Australia. There's also a brief history of military Land Rovers and international TV advertising and much more. This is a very high-quality and revealing production which will be watched again and again.

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Land Rovers Across Britain (DVD)


135 minutes

Released in 2002, Land Rovers across Britain is an outstanding documentary DVD which was filmed from Cornwall to the Shetland Isles and presents a unique visual celebration of British Land Rover history and activities. It includes: Off-roading (Salisbury Plain, Scottish Highlands and elsewhere); Shows (Stoneleigh, Billing, High Wycombe); Very rare Land Rovers (Centaur, Cuthbertson, Judge Dredd, Perentie, Roadless Traction and others); Archive films; Early marketing; Radically modified Land Rovers; Unusual working Land Rovers; Scottish Land Rover safari; Dunsfold Land Rover Trust Open Day; London to Brighton Land Rover run; Heritage run from Land Rover factory to Gaydon; Extraordinary military Land Rovers at the massive War and Peace Show in Kent; Beautifully restored and original Series 1s; Devoted owners; Rescue and emergency Land Rovers in everyday use and much more.

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Land Rovers Across America (DVD)


90 minutes

Released in 1998, Land Rovers Across America is an action packed coast-to-coast adventure which reveals the fascinating history of the Land Rover in its first 50 years in its most important export market. It includes off-roading in Maine, Vermont, Colorado, and Hawaii, rarely seen archive films featuring Land Rovers from the 1940s onwards, fascinating old and new US Land Rover marketing, US Land Rover shows, modified US Land Rovers, one of America's earliest Land Rovers, a highly modified Series 2 Land Rover which travelled the world in 1959, a "Big Foot" Land Rover, a "stretched Range Rover", Land Rovers and their devoted owners on the streets of New York and Los Angeles and much more!

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Inside Land Rover (DVD)


70 minutes

Inside Land Rover takes you on a revealing journey into how the recent Land Rover models have been conceived, designed, tested and built in one of the most advanced car manufacturing plants in the world. This is an excellent opportunity to see the advances the company has made in recent years to make it one of the world’s pre-eminent motoring brands. The DVD includes a fascinating mini-documentary showing how the Range Rover Evoque went from idea to production; the DC100 concept models up close and on the road; advanced technologies on the latest Range Rovers; the concept behind the luxury Range Rover Velar; developing the Discovery Sport; the new technologies on the Discovery SVX; the new bespoke Range Rover SV coupe; the extraordinary technologies on the bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel; advanced manufacturing processes at Solihull’s Lode Lane facility and much more

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A Celebration of British Motoring History


105 minutes

A recently launched DVD which celebrates the history of a range of British cars, including Land Rover, and is packed with British motoring history from the beginning of the 20th Century to modern times. It includes outstanding footage of many great British cars being built, tested, driven on the road and raced on the track. It also includes excellent contemporary footage showing how many of Britain’s longest established companies such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Mini and Morgan are now putting increases resources into promoting their own individual histories. There’s also film of Britain’s best classic car events, a recent London to Brighton Veteran Car Run and a view of some of the great cars at Britain’s leading motoring museums. This is an absolute must for all serious British car enthusiasts and historians.



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More than 400 minutes of Land Rover history and adventure from around the world + 100 minutes of additional British motoring history


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