Paperback reference books



 Two highly useful reference books chronicling the history of the Land Rover from the late 1940s to modern times.


The Making of a Legend -70 Years of Land Rover history


 A5 size paperback reference book (32 pages)

This highly informative reference book provides a detailed illustrated history of how the Land Rover evolved from its conception in the late 1940s to its position as a global motoring icon by the late 2010s. It includes more than 100 revealing archive photographs from some of the very earliest Land Rover pictures ever taken, to contemporary photos of Land Rovers at the factory, as well as on and off-road.

Land Rover


A5 size paperback reference book (64 pages)

This book by highly esteemed Land Rover historian James Taylor expertly chronicles the way the long-established Rover company created the new off-road Land Rover model in the aftermath of WW2 as a way to survive during times of severe austerity. The book then provides an illustrated potted history of how the basic model was progressively upgraded with numerous facelifts, while other models also joined the fleet, such as the Discovery, Range Rover and Freelander. This is this story of Land Rover, written by the foremost historian of the make, encompassing all the models and dividing them according to their use. Also included is the role the Land Rover has played over many years in the fields of expedition, agriculture and warfare, and how it has become one of the most recognisable vehicles across the globe.

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