History of Land Rover advertising 1948 - 1979



Highly informative A5 size reference books featuring more than 150 of the very best Land Rover print advertisements from 1948 to 1979

These are the adverts which played a hugely role in Land Rover's development in the important formative years

Both volumes contain more than 75 individual adverts from literally the very first black and white line drawing advert produced in April 1948 (the same week as the Land Rover was launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show), to the much more sophisticated colour adverts for the Series 3 model and early Range Rovers of the late 1970s.

All the adverts played a hugely important role in promoting the new marque to the assorted outdoor industrial and agricultural workers of the era, as well as the wider motoring public, and were instrumental in helping to cement the Land Rover name into popular culture.

The extensive number of adverts which are featured in the books have been compiled from a wide range of mainstream and specialist publications by marketing historian Tim Cleave, who also provides informative background details, as well as a marketing insight into many of the ads which are featured.

Packed with clear illustrations, containing striking image and many catchy period promotional slogans which were used at the time, the two volumes are essential reading for anyone interested in Land Rover’s illustrious early history.

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Land Rover advertising in the 1940s and 1950s


A5 size paperback reference book -80 pages

The quality and variety of the early Land Rover print adverts in the specialist and popular magazines of the day played a hugely important role in generating the sales of the early Land Rover models. Many of the ads featured Land Rovers hard at work in different farming scenes or other industrial workplaces and often showed the vehicles battered and bruised, unlike regular car adverts where every vehicle was immaculately presented. Many of the early ads featured impressive black & white line drawings of the different models, as opposed to photographs, and would be accompanied by pertinent catchy phrases to emphasise the multifunctional capabilities of this new "do anything" workhorse. This book features approximately 75 of the finest of the early adverts, along with detailed informative captions.

Land Rover advertising in the 1960s and 1970s


A5 size paperback reference book -80 pages

By the start of the 1960s, Land Rovers had proven themselves as one of the great British motoring success stories of the post-war era and were to be found on farms and in remote locations across the world. With the new Series 11 also providing more comfort for the driver and passenger, it meant the latest adverts were now appearing in many more mainstream newspapers and magazines, as well as the specialist press. Land Rover adverts had also become much sophisticated, with humour and other subtle themes increasingly being used to help attract potential buyers. With the company now also having more resources available, colour photography and overseas locations were also being used more often, all helping to ensure that sales of all the different Land Rover models continued to increase year by year. 

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